Welcome to Chewzi.io

Chewzi.io enables food businesses of all sizes to increase their sales while delighting their customers through online ordering!

Delight your take-out restaurant’s repeat customers with express ordering, promotions and ready notifications.

Capture lost business at the end of your food truck’s lineup.

Customized solutions for multi-location restaurants.

Mobile Optimized Customer Experience

  • Customized with your restaurant’s branding
  • Easily configured with your menu categories, items and options
  • Reward customers by providing them a promotional code
  • Quickly and securely collect credit card payments

Full Featured Kitchen Dashboard

  • Get real-time updates on submitted and in-progress orders
  • Automatically print receipts for new orders
  • Send ready notifications to let your customers know their order is ready for pick-up
  • Quickly refund orders when required



Why Us?


We’re a passionate group of people who love good quality take-out and the convenience of ordering online!

We want to make you more successful at what you do best, so we can all continue to enjoy it.

Who we are?

We’re not another online ordering or delivery app that gets in between you and your customer.

We are an extension of your restaurant’s operation that connects you directly with your customers.  

We replace incoming calls to the kitchen and third-party ordering apps with your own online ordering tool. Custom online ordering ability, without the custom price tag!

What we do?

We offer a platform to efficiently process your kitchen orders, payments, and notify your customers when orders are ready for pick up. Connecting directly with your customers creates loyalty and repeat orders while keeping your margins to yourself.

Our business model is fair and transparent, and will compliment your existing process with a simple pricing structure. We don’t charge a percentage off every transaction, and you won’t be competing with other restaurants on our platform. Our goal is to provide you with online tools to increase your profits, to grow your business and adjust to meet current industry trends.

We’re knowledgeable, flexible and we’ll work hard to help you achieve your business goals!   

If you’re interested in giving us a try, please contact us by email or using the form below. We can have you accepting online orders quickly and painlessly!